Yacht and Boat Building NQF L2 –L4

About this programme:

The Boat Building Academy was established in 2006 and offers the National Certificate: Yacht and Boat Building courses at NQF levels 2-3. An NQF Level 3 certificate makes a student eligible to enrol for the Further Education and Training (FET) Certificate: Yacht and Boat Building NQF level 4.

The Academy is equipped with the latest tools and simulators to ensure our students are well-prepared for industry.

All programmes offered at the Boat Building Academy are MerSETA accredited, utilising the SAQA qualification. These SAQA qualification documents can be accessed at: (L2) (L3), and (L4).

A wide range of disciplines (called Unit Standards, or US) is covered in the Yacht and Boat Building course, including Design, Marine Joinery/Woodwork, Fibreglass/Polymer Composite Fabrication, Metalwork/Welding, Marine Systems (including plumbing, inboard propulsion systems, hydraulics, gas and electrical), Computer Aided Drawing (AutoCAD), and Boat Building Standards.

Admission requirements:

A minimum of Grade 9 is required, but preference is given in the selection process to matriculants who have also passed Maths/Maths Lit and English.

Job opportunities:

The Boat Building curriculum is so diverse, with job opportunities that are almost equally varied.

  • A job as a boat builder in both luxury yachts (mostly Fibreglass) or industrial application vessels (mostly fishing boats, barges, etc. worked mostly in aluminium).
  • Marine electrician
  • Marine deck fitter
  • Marine systems installer
  • Marine Architect
  • Manufacture of fibreglass swimming pools
  • Manufacture of fibreglass bakkie canopies
  • Manufacture of fibreglass playground equipment
  • Manufacture of fibreglass custom car bodies
  • Cabinetmaking
  • Welding

Course Content:

  • Design:
    • L2 US: 365146 – Apply a range of boat design and construction principles.
    • L3 US: 376541 – Apply a range of boat design and construction techniques.
    • L4 US: 376540 – Demonstrate an understanding of boat design
    • L2 US: 365143 – Demonstrate an understanding of inflatable boat technology
  • Marine Joinery/Woodwork:
    • L2 US: 365159 – Demonstrate a practical understanding of marine joinery
  • Fibreglass/Polymer Composite Fabrication
    • L2 US: 110281 – Fabricate a polymer composite product
    • L2 US: 110289 – Identify and work with material as required for polymer composite fabrication
    • L3 US: 376560 – Construct and repair composite Marine Components
    • L4 US: 376582 – Demonstrate an understanding of structural composites
  • Metalwork/Welding
    • L2 US: 365145 – Demonstrate an understanding of corrosion and basic metalwork in a marine environment
    • L2 US: 119753 – Perform basic welding/joining of metals
  • Manufacture Marine Components
    • L3 US: 376544 – Manufacture and install Marine Joinery Components
  • Marine Systems
    • L3 US: 376542 – Install and maintain a range of marine systems
    • L3 US: 376543 – Demonstrate an understanding of inboard engine systems and maintenance
    • L4 US: 376581 – Install marine electrical systems
  • Computer Aided Drawing (CAD)
    • L4 US: 263024 – Plan and produce two dimensional (2D) Computer Aided Drawings (CAD)
  • Other Unit Standards
    • L2 US: 13220 – Keep the work area safe and productive
    • L2 US: 12483 – Perform Basic First Aid
    • L4 US: 376580 – Demonstrate an understanding of boatbuilding standards


The full qualification (NQF2-4) is offered as a three year, full-time course, with 6 months of each year offered at the Academy and the following 6 months spent in Industry for Industrial experience, or Work Placement. During Work Placement a student has to keep a logbook, which has to be signed off each week by his/her supervisor and handed into the Academy at the end of Work Placement.


NC: Yacht and Boat Building NQF L2
NC: Yacht and Boat Building NQF L3
FETC: Yacht and Boat Building NQF L4

Where is this course offered?

This programme is offered at Westlake Campus

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