Pre-Vocational Learning Programme (PLP)

Did you not meet the entry requirements for N1 or NC(V) Level 2?
Find out more about PLP - Bridging programme.

What is the PLP?
One-year foundational course to prepare students for further study at a TVET
Aimed at school leavers with Grade 9, 10, 11 who did not meet entry criteria for a specific course
Prepares the student to follow a specific vocational leaning path, with improved chances of completion.

Why the PLP?
Poor preparation for academic study
Students drop out or take years to finish resulting in poor pass rate at colleges
Cost per student to high, placing a further burden on limited funding

Benefits for students
Provides alternative access to course of choice upon successful completion of the PLP
Raise students’ academic confidence and learning morale for further learning
Affords the opportunity to develop academic skills
Promotes understanding of TVET courses in relation to the future career

PLP Curriculum
Foundational English
Written comprehension and speaking with confidence

Foundational Maths
Address historical gaps to prepare for subjects that require pure mathematics

Foundational Science
Basic chemistry and physics that applies to everyday life and prepares students for engineering studies

Foundational Life Skills
Skills to manage studies and integrate into college environment

PLP is offered at our Khayelitsha, Muizenberg and Westlake Campus

Entry Requirement:
Minimum Grade 9 Certificate

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