NC: Furniture Making (Wood)

About this programme:
Provide you with the skills, knowledge and understanding to work effectively in the furniture industry. Develop the ability to craft beautiful and functional master pieces with one of nature’s resources.

What will I learn?
Preparing products and components for final operations
Hand Polishing
Working with conventional spraying of sealers and lacquers
Operate sawing, planing and sanding machine

Career Paths include but are not limited to:
Manufacturers and factories designing and creating wooden products.
Construction companies for special lumber fittings and woodwork repairs and requirements.
Furniture manufacturing industry: Assembly and machining
Technical drawings and specialised fitting projects
Cabinet making specialist

What are the entrance requirements?
Grade 9 Certificate or Level 1 equivalent

Which campus is this course offered at?
This programme is offered at Westlake Campus

How do I enrol?
You will be required to complete a Career, Maths and English (PACE) assessment in order to apply for this programme.
 Contact the campus to book an assessment.