NC: Electrical Engineering N4-N6

About this programme:
The N4 - N6 Electrical Engineering programme is a post-matric National Certificate programme. Students who complete this stand-alone certificate programme can go on to complete N5 and N6 and thereafter 18 months in a relevant workplace to qualify for the National Diploma: Electrical Engineering.

Admission requirements:
N3 or equivalent qualification

Job opportunities:
It is recommended that students enrolling on the National Certificate programme complete the N5 and N6 as well as the 18-month workplace experiential training in order to qualify for the National Diploma. Students can then enter into either a University of Technology to complete a higher qualification or into a workplace that requires the qualification.

Course Content and Duration:
The programme runs for a trimester (3-month period) and consists of four subjects. The subjects are:

The subjects that will be covered N4 – N6 are as follows:
•Logic Systems
•Industrial Electronics
•Engineering science (Optional at N4 only for students seeking entry into University)

Please note that the 1st 4 subjects are compulsory for the Electrical Engineering Diploma.

Once successfully completed (all subjects passed), you will be awarded with a National N4 Certificate.

The N4, N5 & N6 Programmes forms part of the National Diploma: Electrical Engineering qualification (Heavy Current only). For a students to be eligible for the abovementioned Diploma he/she should have a completed N6 as well as 18 months in-service training. Entry requirements to the Diploma is a completed N3 Electrical.

Where is the programme offered:
N4: Westlake Campus (Full-time)

N5-N6 Via Distance Learning.