Student Success: Aqeelah Abrahams

Prior to studying, Aqeelah Abrahams was temporarily employed with business and marketing service providers. This gave her the motivation to study towards a formal qualification in Business Management, which would expose her to all the fundamentals of business.

At the end of 2019, Aqeelah completed her Business Management N6 and was successfully placed by the False Bay TVET College Work Integrated Learning Department at Maritz Electrical Central Office.


Student Success: Alistair Ruiters

Currently working on a 10-month contract with Zizi Animation, Alistair is a free-lancer animator on the lookout for the next big project.

Growing his portfolio, Alistair aspires to produce and direct his own TV show, but not before he tries to gain some international work experience.


Student Success: Bernice Maharaj

Susan Sontag said “I haven’t been everywhere, but it's on my list.”, and it is on Bernice Maharaj’s list too.

While Covid-19 has kept her grounded, she dreams of traveling to the countries and cities she works with and beyond, at her employer Hideaways, a subsidiary of Jenman Africa Safaris.


Student Success: Damian Lamb

Coming from a line of family-men who work in the Maritime Sector, it's not surprising that Damian Lamb would follow suit and choose to study Yacht and Boatbuilding at False Bay TVET College.


Student Success: Sioux Williams

Changing the stereotype that IT is for nerds! Sioux (pronounced Sue) Williams is everything but a nerd. A high pace young lady, she enjoys playing golf and squash, scuba dives and even enjoys a little drag racing when the opportunity presents itself.