National Certificate N4 - N6: Financial Management

About this programme:

The Financial Management programme is offered to students who want to enter the world of finance as a career. This programme provides an entry level qualification that will enable students to record financial transactions and understand how financial statements are produced. The focus will be on manual accounting as well as computerised accounting using software such as Pastel Partner and Pastel Payroll.

This course consists of N4, N5 and N6 certificates. After completing the N6 certificate students are required to provide proof (to the Department of Higher Education and Training) of 18 months’ work experience in the relevant industry, in order to qualify for the National N Diploma. The National N Diploma is issued by the Department of Higher Education and Training if all requirements are met.

Admission requirements:
A National Senior Certificate/Senior Certificate, with Accounting at Grade 12, is a requirement for admission.  You may be asked to attend an assessment session.

Career opportunities:
You are trained to provide close support to Accountants, Auditors, Payroll specialists and other accounting professionals.

A National Diploma in Financial Management is awarded on successful completion of this programme.


Each level takes 6 months full time to complete
A total of 18 months to complete the theoretical components (N4, N5 and N6)
Each level consists of 4 Subjects. On completion of a level, a student is awarded a certificate at that level.
18 months practical experience in the work environment (In-service training)
It takes a minimum of 3 years to qualify for a National Diploma

Course Content:

  • N4
    Entrepreneurship and Business Management N4*
    Management Communication N4*
    Financial Accounting N4*
    Computerised Financial Systems N4*
  • N5
    Financial Accounting N5*
    Computerised Financial Systems N5*
    Cost & Management Accounting N5*
    Entrepreneurship and Business Managment N5*
  • N6
    Financial Accounting N6*
    Cost & Management Accounting N6*
    Computerised Financial Systems N6*
    Entrepreneurship and Business Management N6*


Where is this course offered?

This programme is offered at Fish Hoek, Khayelitsha and Mitchell’s Plain campuses

Part Time

  N4-N6 at Fish Hoek campus

  N4 only at Khayelitsha campus