Unsure of what to study and in need of some career advice?

We recommend all applicants complete an online career interest questionnaire, which is available at GoStudy This will assist applicants in their programme choice. You can also access information at our campuses or visit the official College website for more information.

Academia process

1. Make sure all your supporting/ documents are scanned in before you start your application process. 

the system may timeout if you have not scanned / photographed your supporting documents in before hand

2. Make sure you use Google Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer is not compatible with our online application system.

3. Step One: Make sure you select a campus which offers your preferred programme. Refer to course matrix on College website. 

4. Step 4: Upload your scanned / photographed supporting documents. Documents/photographs should not exceed 2MG is size. 

5. Documents for upload should not have any special characters like &#%@ in the file name.

What do I need / How to apply? 

1. Click on the APPLY NOW button to start your application.

2. Applicants are required to complete a 4-step application process during which the applicant must supply some basic information.

• Please note that applicants are required to supply an email address that will be used in communicating with applicants.

3.The last step requires the applicant to load the following certified documents.

• Identity Document / Birth Certificate: if under 18 years / Passport number

• Most recent academic results

• Proof of Address

• Protection of Personal Information Act Consent Form

On completion of the 4 steps the student will be notified, via email and SMS, on the successful completion of the application process.

When is your closing date for Applications?

Our curriculum and intakes are structured according to the Department of Higher Education and Training. Semester 2 applications are open for application.

• The College Selection Committee will at predetermined dates evaluate all applications received up to that point; based on the College admission policy and students’ academic results. 

• Matriculants are encouraged to complete an online application with the latest results. 

• Successful applicants will receive notification of an offer letter that has been issued.

• The offer letter can be accessed via the Application Portal and must be accepted on the Application Portal.

• Offer letters will expire within 5 days from date of issue. 

How to check your Application Status & Progress: 

Upon successfully completing an online application, you will receive an email notification with your log in details: 

GO to: https://falsebay.academiaerp.com/ 

Select the APPLICANT Tab

Enter your Username and Password

Under status: It will either say:

Active means: We have received your application and it still needs to be vetted by the Application Committee

Offer issued: You have met the programme entry requirements and an offer letter has been uploaded onto the portal for your acceptance

Offer Letter Accepted: You will now receive an Addendum which needs to be printed, signed and uploaded back to the portal.  

Admissions in Progress: The signed addendum with payment agreements are being verified.

Admitted: A student login is created and will be sent with the Admission Confirmation Email.

Congratulations, you are now officially a registered student of False Bay TVET College 

Selection of Applicants

Admission Process

• Once applicants have accepted the offer letter they will be issued with an addendum which needs to be completed and uploaded together with either proof of payment or bursary office approval notice via the Application Portal.

• On acceptance of offer letter, the Bursary Office will contact the applicants who indicated in their application that they applying for a bursary. The Bursary Office will explain the process to be followed and documents required.

• These documents will be check and verified by the campus after which admission will be approved.

• Students will receive a notification to the effect. This notice will also contain their student number and password to access the Student Portal.

• The Student Portal will enable the student to access academic, financial and biographical information. The student will also be able to update certain information.

Still waiting

The College Selection Committee will at predetermined dates evaluate all applications received up to that point; based on the College admission policy and students’ academic results.

Successful applicants will receive notification of an offer letter that has been issued.

The offer letter can be accessed via the Application Portal and must be accepted on the Application Portal.

Offer letters will expire within 5 days from date of issue. 

Check your application status:

GO to: https://falsebay.academiaerp.com/ 

Select the APPLICANT Tab

Enter your Username and Password

What is your AP Number? 

Your AP number is your username which you can log into the application portal as an [APPLICANT] to track your application status. 

• Once your application has been vetted and approved, you will an Offer Letter. 

If your application is unsuccessful, you will be notified. 

• The offer letter can be accessed and accepted via the Application Portal.

• Offer letters will expire within 5 days from date of issue.

Returning Student

Click here for more information

Can I apply for a second choice as the online application only allows one choice?

Yes, you can apply for a 2nd choice. You must however complete another application online for the 2nd choice or for a different Semester / Trimester.

What are your minimum programme entry requirements? 

NC(V) programmes - a Grade 9 pass

Engineering N1-N3 programmes - a Grade 11 pass with 50% Maths or Grade 12 with Maths / Maths lit 50%

National N Diploma N4-N6 Programmes - a Grade 12 pass

For more information please visit www.falsebaycollege.co.za

When can the Grade 12 Class of 2021 apply?

Students currently writing their final exams / awaiting final results should apply with their latest results. 

Once they receive their final results, they will be able to update and complete their application process.

Can I apply if I am from another province?

The Application process is online, but you will need to be in Cape Town to complete your programme. 

All applications received are vetted by an Applications Committee. We review all applications received and acceptance is determined on your academic results meeting the programme entry requirements.

I am struggling to upload my outstanding documents and track the application process.

You need to log into the Application Portal;( this link was provided to you in an email/SMS). Click on the quick search bar on the left of the screen. Once open, click on the Upload Documents option. You will now see the different document options. Select the relevant option and upload. You can track your application by logging into the Application Portal.

How do I change to a different programme on the same AP?

Yes, you can. The relevant campus would be able to assist you with that.

I reapplied and have a new AP number, but I still haven't received an email with my password

The email notification is sometimes routed to your junk mail. You can also contact your relevant campus who are able to reset your password.

I have forgotten my username and password?

You should check your communication on email and sms for your username, if you didn’t get the email please contact campus of application to retrieve your username, if you have forgotten your password, you may press forget password and it will reset automatically.

Do you welcome foreign nationals/international students?

Yes, foreign students can apply for Full time, Part-Time and Distance Learning, however, foreign students do not qualify for bursaries. The student must have the relevant documentation and a study permit that is issued from Home Affairs. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they have this documentation at registration as they will not be able to register without this. It is also the responsibility of the student to ensure that the documentation is renewed when it expires.

Lost phone and misplaced username and password?

Contact the campus you applied with and provide them with your full name. 

They will re-send you your log-in details.

Fish Hoek: 021 782 0144 / Muizenberg: 021 788 8373 / Khayelitsha: 021 361 3430 / Mitchells Plain: 021 391 0717 / Westlake: 021 700 6400 and Distance Learning: 021 701 1153


Do you offer Distance Learning?

Our Distance Learning Department has developed a supportive learning structure that has to date yielded very positive results. Programmes range from Business, Engineering and Education studies. There are intakes throughout the year.

Important to note for Distance Learning Students:

  •  Students who apply on their own to NSFAS for a bursary must inform the College Bursary Office OR risk losing their funding.
  •  Distance Learning students do NOT qualify to receive allowances
  •  Distance Learning students do NOT qualify to receive learning devices
  •  NSFAS bursary only covers FULL-TIME program fees, additional Distance Learning fees must be paid by the student
  • Distance Learning students will ONLY be allowed to register for a maximum of 3 subjects per term:



Student Registration Rule Maximum 3 Subjects Number of Subjects Paid by Bursary Paid by Student
1st Registration 3x N4 Subjects 3 of 4 YES NO
2nd Registration 1x N4 Subject 1 of 4 NO YES
3rd Registration 3x N5 Subjects 3 of 4 YES NO
4th Registration 1x N5 Subject 1 of 4 NO YES
5th Registration 3x N6 Subjects (Burssary funding time has run out) 3 of 4 NO YES
6th Registration 3x N5 Subjects N/A YES



  •  NSFAS bursary limited to 4 registrations, further registrations will not be covered by the bursary
  • NSFAS bursary will not cover repeat subjects


Importance of your myNSFAS Account:  By registering your myNSFAS account students can:

  • Track their application status
  • Upload any missing documents as requested by NSFAS

  • Submit an Appeal should NSFAS decline their application


Please visit the NSFAS webpage or social media sites for more information:  www.nsfas.org.za  |  https://twitter.com/myNSFAShttps://www.facebook.com/nsfas.org.za

You can also visit the College website:  www.falsebaycollege.co.za  for more information OR contact:

 Distance Learning Campus:

Tel:  021-361 3430

Campus Bursary Office:

Tel: 021-701 1340



 Who can apply for a NSFAS bursary?

• South African citizens

 Who qualifies for a NSFAS bursary?

• Students who register for the first time and have a household income of R 350 k or less

• Students who have registered previously, but before 2018, with a household income of R 122 k or less.

What do I need to do to apply?

• Visit the NSFAS website  www.nsfas.org.za to apply online OR

• Visit your nearest NSFAS application centre OR contact your TVET College for assistance

• Create your myNSFAS account to track your application status

You will need the following:

• A valid e-mail address

• A cell phone

What documents do I need to apply?

The following certified documents are required:

• Certified student ID copy

• Certified spouse ID copy

• Certified proof of income {salary slip/letter}

• Certified copy of latest academic results

What does the bursary cover?


Registration, tuition and book fees

NOT Covered by bursary:

• Additional Distance learning program tutoring/teaching fees

• Allowances

• Learning devices

Click here for more information

How do I apply for a NSFAS Bursary?

You may apply for a NSFAS Bursary by creating an online profile on www.nsfas.org.za. If you have been accepted to study with us, we will assit you with your NSFAS Bursary Application. 

NSFAS is an independent organisation to False Bay TVET College. For enquiries related to your NSFAS Bursary/Allowances/Transport please liaise with your Campus Bursary Office or contact NSFAS directly. www.nsfas.org.za / Toll Free: 08000 67327 | info@nsfas.org.za



What Programmes do you offer?

We offer a variety of programmes in Engineering, Business, Hospitality, Tourism, Education, Information Communication Technology, 2D Animation, Safety in Society, Yacht & Boat Building, please visit our website for more information.

Can I complete my Grade 12 at College?

You cannot rewrite or complete matric subjects with False Bay TVET College, you can enrol with your local community college where they will provide you with the opportunity to redo matric subjects. You can find a contact list of Community Colleges of the FBC website. How to complete your matric

Do you offer accommodation/residence?

Our residence at Westlake Campus is for Westlake Campus Students in Occupational Programmes who reside more than 40km from the Westlake Campus. Students who qualify for a NSFAS bursary can apply for a Private Accommodation allowance.

Where is the College?

Our campuses are situated in the Southern Peninsula of False Bay in Cape Town. We have 5 campuses; located in Khayelitsha, Fish Hoek, Muizenberg, Mitchells Plain and Westlake.

How much are the Fees?

Our programme fees vary per programme,  please click here for more details.  

What are your modes of study?

We offer full-time, part-time and distance learning options.

Do you offer Part-Time Studies?

The College boasts a growing Part-Time studies division. 

We have the following programmes part-time:

National Certificate N4-N6:

Business Management  

Financial Management

Public Management  

Human Resource Management


Occupational Programmes:

CISCO CCNA 1&2: Version 7  

Certified Junior Bookkeeping  

Certified Senior Bookkeeping Junior Bookkeeping

 Early Childhood Development L5

GETC: Early Childhood Development Level 1

FETC: Early Childhood Development Level 4

HETC: Early Childhood Development Level 5

FETC: ECD: Level 4

ICDL: International Computer Driving Licence

Accounting Technician: Level 3

National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting: Level 5

National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management: Level 4 

Do you offer support for NC(V) learners?

NC(V) students who may come to our College from Grade 9 could be 15 or 16 years old. The NC(V) programme is managed in a very similar way to secondary schooling. Attendance is taken, there is parent involvement, reports are sent home. We involve parents in the education process and ensure that the NC(V) students receive support in the transition to college. We also provide other softer skills for a more well-rounded and developed student.

Is there an age limit to study at the College?

There is no age limit to studying at College. We wouldn’t recommend the NC(V) programme if you are older or have not completed your Matric. Many mature people start college after their 30’s and prefer to study part-time or via distance learning if they are employed. The Occupational Programmes and National N Diploma Programmes are most popular amongst individuals looking to study Part-Time.

Due to Covid-19, how will classes be delivered?

We do have plans in place to support students with staggering timetables and remote learning options. We have several approaches to teaching for 2022 to ensure that students are well prepared to embark on a successful academic year.


Do you offer Inclusive Education?

Learners with disabilities are welcome to complete an application to study with False Bay TVET College. Once you have expressed an interest to study with the College, we will be put in contact with one of the College Occupational Therapist who will evaluate the disability and the College's resources to assist. Our campuses are also able to accommodate disabled persons who are not mobile and need to access the buildings using a wheelchair or with other learning or mobility assistance.

What if I have physical or learning disabilities?

False Bay TVET College supports Inclusive Education. Our campuses are designed to support students with physical disabilities. We have 2 Occupational Therapists employed at the College to support students with assistive devices (e.g. specific software, e-books) as well as a Student Support Officer at each campus to help students navigate their way through personal challenges.

Do you offer Work Integrated Learning?

The College has a dedicated Work Integrated Learning Department committed to the placement of students during their study tenure with the College. When funding is secured through SETA's the College will approach WIL registered companies for placement opportunities. It is the onus of FBC students to be registered for WIL, by ensuring they have an updated CV, current contact details and have completed the compulsory Work-Readiness programme.

It is the prerogative of host companies to employ students after completing their WIL programme. However, whilst students are in the workplace for internships, they need to give it their best shot, which in return will increase their levels of employability.






Based at


Sello Lekhanya 


Acting Programme Head: IT (NCV and Occupational) 

Fish Hoek

(oversees Fish Hoek and Khayelitsha)


Malcom Meyer

Programme Head: NCV Business Studies

NATED & Occupational Business Studies

Fish Hoek


Mariaana Herne

Programme Head: Hospitality and Tourism (NCV, Nated and Occupational)


(oversees Muizenberg and Khayelitsha


Silwyn Heuvel

Programme Head: Engineering and Related Design (NCV, Nated and Occupational)



Vacant position from January 2022

Programme Head: Civil, Furniture Making and Boat Building (NCV, Nated and Occupational)



Sonette Jordaan

Programme Head: Safety in Society



Mohammed Hassan


Acting Programme Head: Fundamental Subjects

Central Office Fundamental Unit


Shauwn van Staden

Programme Head: Business Studies (Nated and Occupational)

Mitchells Plain


Mkhulisi Nyoni (ACTING)

Acting Programme Head: NCV Business Studies



Marlon Higgins

Programme Head: Electrical Engineering (NCV, Nated and Occupational)



Jerry Moeketsi

Programme Head: Engineering



Marelize Minnaar

Programme Head: ECD and Educare (Occupational and Nated)

(Academic Coordinator Khayelitsha Campus)

Operates over Mitchell’s Plain and Khayelitsha



Contact the WIL Department : wil@falsebay.org.za  |  WhatsApp: 078 225 8845

Name and Surname

Email Address

Programmes responsible for

Marlene Mitchell


  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • IT
  • Office Administration
  • Educare
  • Management Assistant
  • System Support

Stanton van der Rheede


  • Motor Mechanics
  • Spray Painting
  • Automotive Body Repair
  • Welding
  • Fitting & Turning
  • Fabrication
  • Boiler Making

Jo-Anne Zenani


  • Public Management
  • Financial Management
  • Finance Economics and Accounting
  • Business Management

Winston Damon


  • Electrical Engineering
  • Safety in Society
  • Yacht & Boat Building
  • Civil & Building 
  • Furniture Making


Contact the WIL Department 

wil@falsebay.org.za  |  WhatsApp: 078 225 8845