Student Support and Development Services

downloadHIGHER HEALTH is delighted and honoured to advise you that the Post Schooling Education Sector now has a dedicated 24-hour toll-free helpline for addressing the mental health and psycho-social support needs of our students and staff.

How to access the 24-hour HIGHER HEALTH PSET helpline:
Call Toll-free 0800 36 36 36 or SMS 43336 Click here for more information



Student Support and Development Services is a department within the Education and Training leg of the College. There are student support offices on each of our College campuses where staff members are committed to helping you while you are a student at False Bay TVET College. We provide an integrated professional service in the areas of careers and employment, learning assistance, personal counselling, Inclusive Education support and financial support services.


Our department provides a range of services to all our students so that they can become effective functioning individuals who are equipped with personal social skills and who are able to adapt to changing life demands and who are ready to enter the world of work.


The False Bay College Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Policy strives to create an environment that is conducive to optimal teaching and learning and where the rights of all are respected.

• All students are required to read and sign the Student College Code of Conduct upon registration. A few pertinent points with regard to student behaviour.
• Students are not permitted to engage in inappropriate and unwelcome behaviour with staff or students of False Bay College.
• Discrimination on the basis of race, religion, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability will not be tolerated at False Bay College.
• Students may not engage in or become party to an unlawful act. Summary (immediate) expulsion may be authorised where students have acted unlawfully on False Bay College premises, at organized college excursions and at any place where the college is represented.


In addition to the very best in education and training, False Bay TVET College provides its students with the opportunity to be leaders. The member of our Student Representative Council (SRC) is an important link between management and the student community. 

The SRC governance structure is elected annually through a democratic election process monitored by an Independent Electoral Body.  It enables student matters to be heard and addressed. 

The members of the SRC make vital contributions to life at college and act as true leaders amongst their peers. 


• Careers Counselling
• Personal Counselling
• Learning Assistance
• Workshops and Seminars
• Inclusive Education Support


This is a free service to all students of the College. You will be able to make use of our pre-course assessment tools, which helps you to establish your career pathway. Careers resources are also available to you. Should you need career counselling, you can make an appointment with your student support officer.


This is a free and confidential service that is offered to students of the College and is run by the student support department. Counselling is available to assist those who may be facing crisis situations, adjustments or problems in living. Our Student Support department also runs life skills workshops and seminars providing advice on some more common areas of concern for students such as anxiety, stress management and time management. Students are advised to study the notice boards for such seminars/workshops


MOT is a youth training and development programme that aims to improve the social environment and basic quality of the life of young people, by teaching them vital life and social skills in diverse environments.

This is achieved by focusing on the development of skills pertaining to communication, decision making, leaders, problem solving and crisis management, while also encouraging the development of a positive self-esteem and healthy relationship. 

Through the MOT programme, students are encouraged to participate in community projects and college events, including the Dare to Care programme which coincides with Mandela Day. 


Student Support Services helps students to develop appropriate and effective approaches to:

• Learning
• Exam preparation
• Time management

Student Support Services assist students in developing appropriate learning approaches through:
• Individual consultations
• Group work (tutorials)
• Workshops open to all students

Student Support staff can also advise and assist students when they:
• Need to apply for extra time
• Need to apply for special considerations, examinations etc.

• Prepare appeals


Student Support Services offers workshops throughout the course of the year. These are open workshops and are available to all students. These workshops may relate to:

• Preparing to enter the world of work (Work-preparedness workshops)
• Aspects of student well-being
• Study and exam skills (time management, study skills)
• Personal development workshops (dealing with issues such as stress, anxiety, procrastination)
• Presentation skills (useful tips on presentation skills)
• Workshops will be advertised on noticeboards on your campus.


Each campus offers an OLC where you will find all the information you need to complete your assignments and coursework to ensure successful outcomes for your programme of study.  All student registered at False Bay TVET College (full or part-time) are encouraged to use the OLC facilities which you can access by displaying your student card.


False Bay TVET College has successfully supported access for students with disabilities and special learning needs since 2004. Inclusive Education is a key service at the College and relates to our core value of Valuing Diversity. Through actively promoting inclusion of students with disabilities we seek to address South Africa’s skills shortage by developing people of merit, regardless of mental or physical disability or special learning needs. By studying at FBC you access an opportunity to become a qualified, employable professional in your chosen field.



Minimum Academic Criteria:
Pre-Vocational Learning Programme
Grade 9 for NCV / NQF1 Programmes
Grade 12 for National Diploma Programmes and,

Relevant Occupational Programmes 

FBC offers Inclusive Education services within a mainstream environment. Occupational Therapists at FBC can help you determine the suitability of a specific programme to your disability, as well as your support needs. 

FBC aims to support students with most disabilities and special learning needs. We support students with:

• Physical disabilities
• Sensory Disabilities (e.g. mild hearing impairment, visual impairment or blindness)
• Mental health conditions
• Learning Disabilities (Attention Deficit Disorders, Dyslexia and language processing disorders)

IMPORTANT: While FBC encourages all students with disabilities to apply, we may not 

be able to accommodate all applicants.

Student Support and Development Manager: 

Mr Dumisani Lutweyi. 021 787 0800.

Inclusive Education Service, Khayelitsha, Westlake and Mitchell’s Plain campus:
Mrs Jacky Lenting. 021 360 5000.

Inclusive Education Service, Muizenberg and Fish Hoek campus:
Mrs Judith de Jager. 021 788 8373.


Healthy minds, healthy bodies 

Relationship-building and healthy activities are vital aids in academic studies. At FBC, you will be encouraged to participate in social events and activities. Our choir, debate and sports teams have fared very well at the provincial level. We offer many other extramural activities to help you relax away from the rigours of studies. Our campus cafeterias provide healthy meal options and opportunities for informal socialising.


Student Health and Wellness remain a priority for our student community.  In the interest of ensuring professional access to health services, the College through the Higher Health partnership provides across campuses health services with our mobile clinic.  With each visit the mobile clinic provides a qualified nurse for all of the following services:

• HIV testing with counselling
• Provision of condoms (female and male)
• Blood pressure testing
• Glucose monitoring (blood sugar)
• TB screening and referral
• STI screening and referral
• Male circumcision referral
• Family Planning
• Any other necessary referral


  • Manager, Central Office, Tel: 021 787 0800
  • Student Support Officer, Muizenberg Campus Tel: 021-788-8373
  • Student Support Officer, Fish Hoek Campus Tel: 021-784-4300
  • Student Support Officer, Khayelitsha Campus Tel: 021-361-3430/021 360 5000
  • Student Support Officer, Westlake Campus Tel: 021-700-6400
  • Student Support Officer, Mitchell's Plain Tel: 021-391-0717
  • Financial Aid Office, Central Office, Tel: 021-787-0800



The Financial Aid Department can aid students who experience difficulties in accessing educational opportunities as a result of financial barriers. Click here for more information 


False Bay TVET College acknowledges the value of workplace experience in the further development of our students. The Work Integrated Learning Department provides College students with assistance in seeking internship opportunities with industry and community partners. 

The WIL Department offers expert support for False Bay TVET College students as follows:

• Prepare you for the world of work, through the work readiness programmes
• Assist exit level students with seeking work experience opportunities, in order to obtain their National Diploma, National Certificate or Trade Certificate.
• Support while in the workplace
• Access to work placement experience, research and networks
• Ensuring placement internships are relevant to programme study. 

For qualifying criteria, please click here 


The False Bay TVET College CFERI invites all aspiring entrepreneurs with a business idea to register for the mentorship training programme. Supported and part of the national incubator network, you will find the right mix of learning and market linkages to make your dream business a reality.


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