National Certificate (Vocational) Hospitality

About this programme:

The National Certificate (Vocational) offers learners  vocational alternative to an academic Grade 10-12 by offering specialised training on NQF levels 2-4. 

If you would like to qualify with a specialised NQF level 4 certificate (Grade 12 equivalent) that will enable you to find relevant employment once qualified, the National Certificate (Vocational) is for you.

This qualification will enable you to further your studies, become self-employed or find employment in the hospitality industry. You can pursue an occupation in Food preparation as a Commis chef or Assistant chef.

How is the programme structured?
The National Certificate (Vocational) is a three year qualification at NQF Levels 2, 3 and 4.

What will I learn?

The Fundamentals subjects (Levels 2,3,4) are:

  • English First Additional Language
  • Life Orientation
  • Mathematics / Maths Lit

The Vocational subjects for the Hospitality National Certificate (Vocational) are:

  • Hospitality Generics (Levels 2,3,4)
  • Client Service and Human Relations (Levels 2,3,4)
  • Food Preparation (Levels 2,3,4)
  • Hospitality services (Levels 2,3,4)

Hospitality Generics (Levels 2,3,4)
Hospitality generics equips the learner in aspects such as health, hygiene and food safety and maintaining a safe work environment. Other aspects such as understanding the hospitality sector, and identifying work opportunities are also covered in this subject.

Client Services and Human Relations (Levels 2,3,4)
This subject covers some of the business skills required to function in the hospitality industry such as functioning in a business environment, customer care and basics of human relations.

Food Preparation (Levels 2,3,4)
A key aspect of this qualification, food preparation covers the different methods of food preparation, such as frying, grilling and baking as well as assembling food for quick service. Preparation of different food types and food storage is also covered.

Hospitality Services (Levels 2,3,4)
Hospitality services trains learners in the cleaning and preparation required in the hospitality industry of items such as linen, glassware, and kitchen areas. Other skills such as restocking areas and control of stock are also covered in this subject.

What are the entrance requirements?
The minimum entrance requirement for the National Certificate (Vocational) at Level 2 on the NQF is a Grade 9 Certificate or Level 1 equivalent.

Which campus is this course offered at?
This programme is offered at Muizenberg Campus

How do I enrol?
You will be required to complete a Career, Maths and English assessment in order to apply for this programme. Contact the campus to book an assessment.