National Certificate (Vocational): Hospitality

About this programme:
The National Certificate (Vocational) offers learners a vocational alternative to an academic Grade 10 -12 by offering specialised training on NQF levels (2 -4). The National Certificate(Vocational) at Levels 2 - 4 on the NQF offers programmes comprising subjects that consist of academic knowledge and theory, integrated with the practical skills (ISAT: Integrated Summative Task) and values specific to each vocational. The requisite of ISAT (Integrated Summative Task, no learner will be resulted without the evident part of the integral (ISAT: Integrated Summative Task) by the DHET. ISAT is a compulsory Assessment to ALL Levels (2 -4).

How is the programme structured?
The National Certificate (Vocational) is a three year qualification made up of three certificates obtained in NQF Levels 2, 3 and 4.

Admission requirements:
Grade 9 Certificate or NQF Level 1 equivalent.

Upon completion, you will receive a National Certificate (Vocational) Level 4 which is equivalent to a National Senior Certificate (Matric).

The NC(V) is a three-year, full-time qualification with a certificate at NQF Level 4.

What will I learn?
The Fundamentals subjects (Levels 2,3,4) are:


  • English First Additional Language
  • Life Orientation
  • Mathematics / Maths Lit

 The Vocational subjects for the Hospitality National Certificate (Vocational) are:
• The Fundamental subjects (Level 2,3,4) English First Additional Language, Life Orientation ( Skills & Computers), Mathematic Literacy

Vocational Subjects for the Hospitality (Level 2,3,4)

  • Hospitality Generics: will equip the learner in aspects of adhering to healthy, hygiene and food safety and how to maintain a safe work environment. Secondly, will equip learners on how to do costing and compile menu planning.
  • Hospitality Services: Trains learners in the cleaning and preparation required in the hospitality industry of items such as linen, glassware and kitchen areas and public arears. Other skills such as restocking and taking control of stock . Thirdly, learners will be able to learn different types of wine, how to serve wine and to make different types of cocktails.
  • Food Preparation: Covers the different methods of food preparation, such as frying, grilling and baking as well as assembling food for quick service. Equip learners of different food types and how to store them safely without being contaminated. 
  • Client Services and Human Relations: Some of the business skills including customer care service ethics and basic of human relations are covered by the subject and the skills required to function to function in Hospitality Sector.

Career Opportunities:
• Waitron
• Housekeeper
• Food Service Assistant (FSA), Store assistant / do costing
• Kitchen Hand Assistant
• Commis Chef (Junior Chef) / Bar Attendant
• Customer Care Services, Basic Human Relations

What are the entrance requirements?
The minimum entrance requirement for the National Certificate (Vocational) at Level 2 on the NQF is a Grade 9 Certificate or Level 1 equivalent.

Which campus is this course offered at?
This programme is offered at Muizenberg Campus

How do I enrol?

Download an application form from our website or visit a campus near you. Application forms can be submitted by email or completed at the campus where the programme is offered.

Please submit certified copies of the following documents with your application:

  • Birth certificate / Identity Document (proof of application for new ID/Passport)
  • Most recent academic results
  •  Certificates / Qualifications

Students with special needs should please contact our Inclusive Education Office at 021 788 8373.

Depending on your choice of programme, you may be referred to the relevant campus head to continue with your registration process.

If applicable, an interview date will be communicated to you.