False Bay College

NSFAS Allowance: Terms & Conditions

Payment of student NSFAS Allowances are subject to the following conditions

1. Applicant(s) must be a NSFAS approved bursary recipient

2. Applicant(s) must meet the program academic and attendance requirements

3. All applicants must submit a completed Allowance application form, along with required support documents to the relevant Financial Aid office by the due date.

4. Qualifying Allowance applicants will be eligible for two(2) types of allowance:

a. Personal Care (All student)

b. Travel (students staying within 40km from their enrolled campus)

c. OR Accommodation (students whose home address is more than 40km from their enrolled campus)

5. Allowance amounts will be in line with the Standardised Allowances as prescribed in the DHET/TVET Bursary Rules & Guidelines

6. Allowance payments is subject to student meeting the minimum required class attendance as per DHET attendance policy

7. Applicant(s) making use of Private Accommodation must submit a valid lease agreement to qualify.

8. Applicant(s) making use of Hostel accommodation must submit proof of acceptance into College residence to qualify.

9. Allowance awards will only be made if NSFAS has sufficient funds available.

10. Returning NSFAS funded students will be prioritised when awarding allowances

11. Should NSFAS funding be limited, academic ranking will be used to award allowances.

12. Payment of NSFAS Allowances is subject to the following:

a. Fully completed application, along with support documents submitted

b. Student meeting attendance requirements

c. College may conduct a physical address verification 

d. Students who withdraw from the program may be liable to pay back any allowances received

13. Change of Allowance type will only be considered with the submission of motivation and recommendation from Campus Manager

14. Recommendations for Change of Allowance type will be sent to Department of Higher Education for consideration and approval.