Message to Students

Message from the Principal

Dear Students

When the academic year started in January 2020, no one could have anticipated that we would be contending with a worldwide pandemic and we could not have imagined the disruption that this would create. 

The last few months have seen serious shifts in education and training delivery because of the COVID 19 pandemic and this has called for an innovative response on the part of all training providers. 

Under Lockdown levels 4 and 5, the college campuses remained closed. Under Lockdown level 3, the College resumed face-to-face teaching albeit on a scheduled basis. 

Our College has focused on three areas since our resumption of face to face teaching:
1. Adherence to safety protocols means limiting the number of students on campus on any given day. This means that while students can engage in face-to-face classes on a restricted schedule, the College must still ensure that students able to connect to online content and other academic support through a variety of formats and platforms, with or without the use of technology.
2. Capacitating staff to deliver through online platforms 
3. Ensuring the health and well-being of staff and students

The resilience of our students and our staff during this very trying time, has been very encouraging. Strong student attendance reflects the commitment of students to their studies and their determination to make a success of this year despite the huge challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The dedication of the staff at False Bay College must be commended. The world is at war with this virus and everyday teaching staff is on the frontlines of this battle, in the classroom, supporting the education delivery, in the face of this challenge. 
We understand that many students are feeling anxious, questioning how prepared they are for the final examinations. As the final examinations loom, we encourage students to make use of every resource that the College has made available to support students in their preparation for the exams. 

We encourage students to make use of study spaces at the College, should home conditions are not conducive to studying. We remind students of the counselling services available through Student Support Services should you feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. We also urge you to make use of the Higher Health Services. We encourage students to make use of free Wifi on campus to access online academic support material.

To our students: even as you face your final examinations, we remain committed to saving your academic year whilst keeping you safe through applying all our safety protocols which we will apply through the examination period: daily health and temperature checks, physical distancing, wearing of masks at all times and encouraging the regular washing of hands and sanitizing of surfaces.

We wish our students all the best for the upcoming examinations.

“Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do” – Benjamin Spock

Mrs. Karin Hendricks

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