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 Welcome Thumbnail Ms. Hendricks, College Principal welcomes the class of 2021.   
 SeafoodBuffettThumbnail Hospitality Students prepare a Seafood Buffet on Expresso Breakfast Show.
 VOD Thumbnail

In case you missed it, you can watch our Virtual Open Day now.



We celebrate 18 years of changing lives with the Expresso Breakfast Show. 

 HigherHealth Message

HIGHER HEALTH welcomes first-year students to the start of their tertiary education and urges them to safeguard overall health.


Let's do Business!
Campus-based support for student employment

 Thumbnail CfE

Poster and Pitch 2019: Business Ideas


Let's do Business!
Industry endorsement: Yacht and Boatbuilding

 COS Thumbnail

Official Launch: Centre of Specialisation

 Mechancial Fitting Thumbnail

Centre of Specialisation: Mechanical Fitting


Poster & Pitch 2018: Young Entrepreneurs

Introduction to False Bay TVET College and study fields available.

food for thought

Food for thought Thought for food - The Value of a feeding scheme. 

WIL Video

Let's do Business! 
Collaboration between Industry and Education Provider. The Value of WIL. 


WorldSkills Participant: Yacoob shares some tips for success!

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Let's do Business!
False Bay TVET College business

invitation to industry

CEE Video

CfE Community Enterprise Exhibition

Connected Communities a College initiative.

Blikkiesdrop Launch

Blikkiesdorp Project Launch on SABC

28 Sept. 2017 


Cook-off Challenge Interview on C-TV