College Council


Functions of the College Council as directed by the Continuing Education and Training (CET) ACT 16 of 2006, as amended by Act 1 of 2013.

1. The Council must perform all the functions, including the development of a College statute, which are necessary to govern the public College, subject to this Act and any applicable National or Provincial law.

2.The Council must with the concurrence of the academic board:

a. Develop a strategic plan for the College which must:

                                          i.    Incorporate the mission, vision, goals and planning for funding of the college;

                                         ii.    Address past imbalances and gender and disability matters;

                                        iii.    Include safety measures for a safe learning environment for students, lecturers                  and support staff; and

                                       iv.    Be approved by the Minister;

b.Determine the language policy of the College, subject to the approval of the Minister; and

c.Ensure that the College complies with the accreditation requirements necessary to provide learning programmes in terms of standards and qualifications as registered on the National Qualification Framework.

3.The Council, after consultation with the Student Representative Council, must provide for a suitable structure to advise on policy for student support services within the public College.

4.Every student at a public College is subject to a code of conduct, disciplinary measures and procedures which are determined by the Council, subject to national policy.

5.Subject to the applicable policy, the Council of the College determines the admission of the College, after consulting the academic board and with the approval of the Minister.

6.The Council must oversee the appointment of an auditor to audit records and financial statements

7.The Council must report to the Minister on;

a.The overall management and governance of the College

b.The overall performance of students in the College programmes

c. A duly audited statement of income and expenditure and balance sheet and cash flow statement.