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The e-learning department delivers a strategic support service to students and lecturers enabling the use of electronic and other educational technology in teaching and learning at FBC. A variety of educational technologies and technology applications are available at all 5 campuses:

  • CAMI – Maths and Reader (for language)
  • LearnScapes for Fundamentals
  • SMART and MIMIO Interactive Whiteboards
  • Blackboard

All students are enrolled into the college Learning Management system (MyFBC) upon registration, which in turn provides access to all courses taught at the college.

Learners are:

  • Empowered to use various new educational technologies and the Blackboard Learning Management System to access all course content.
  • Able to access learning material from anywhere at any time and interact with fellow learners and lecturers.
  • Able to receive assistance from lecturers and submit online assessments and assignments
  • Able to track their own performance through the grade centre.

You can access the FBC LMS, also known as MyFBC here or at https://falsebay.bblearn.co.za 24 hours per day from any location with an internet connection, using desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, tablets and even some smart phones. The e-administrators at each campus are available for assistance with access and training.

False Bay TVET College now offers distance learning.  Click here for more information.

Contact us:

C. Dwyer
021 788 0800