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Plagiarism Information

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of using somebody else's ideas or words without giving credits to the originator. It is treated as an academic crime and can result in failing the whole course or being expelled from the institution. There are two kinds of plagiarism (i) Accidental plagiarism = this type of plagiarism happens when you did not intend to plagiarize but you still failed to acknowledge the sources. (ii) Blatant plagiarism = this is when you commit plagiarism deliberately - e.g. you copy and paste a passage from somebody else's assignment without acknowledging the source.

Accidental Plagiarism:

  • Failing to give citation after paraphrasing or summarizing;
  • Referencing sources incorrectly;
  • Forgetting to put a direct quote in the quotation marks;
  • Using too many direct quotations constitutes plagiarism, as it indicates that you have contributed very little;
  • Failing to paraphrase correctly and keep the original meaning of the passage.

Blatant Plagiarism:

  • Asking somebody else to write your essay for you;
  • Copy and pasting a passage from somebody else's essay without recognizing the source;
  • Stealing another person's essay and submit it as if it is yours;
  • Buying somebody else's paper and submit it as if it is yours.